10 Strategies to Get More Likes on YouTube

All of us have something to say about something.

That’s probably why you have a YouTube channel. There’s something you want people to know that they don’t know yet. And as far as you’re concerned, it’s important to know.

YouTube is by far the most popular information website on the web. If you can harness it well, you’ll get your message across to potentially millions of people.

Getting more YouTube likes is a process that requires some thought and some strategy. I’m going to outline some effective methods in garnering more likes on YouTube that have proven to work.

Once you understand how the minds of your audience work, you’ll be able to get your channel playlists running and increase your like momentum.

Let’s look at 10 of the most powerful strategies for getting more likes on your YouTube videos.

1. Tell Your Viewers to Like Your Video

It sounds silly, but it’s important to actually tell your viewers to like a video they’re watching.

Getting views is easy enough on YouTube. But getting likes is often harder.

Many YouTubers forget to like what they’ve just watched. They may have enjoyed it, but liking it slipped their mind because they got distracted by something like another video suggestion.

If your videos have dialogue or text within them tell your viewers to like your video.

Tell them Why

Another important part of this step is explaining to your audience WHY they should like your video.

Here are some basic reasons you can relay:

  • “Liking this video helps me to create more videos just like this one.”
  • “Help me understand what you want to see by liking my video.”
  • “Support this channel by simply leaving a like on our playlist. It costs nothing and encourages us to create more.”

Once you give people a reason to like your videos, your YouTube likes will begin to increase. Try it with your next video and gauge the difference.

2. Prompt Likes with Annotations

Some videos don’t have the capacity for a verbal or textual prompt to hit the like button.

Luckily there’s a brilliant way to tell your viewers to like you without verbally saying it or adding subtitles to your video.


An annotation can be embedded within your video. These annotations have a bunch of functions—not the least of which is reminding your viewers to like your video.

You can also link your annotation so that when someone clicks it, it redirects them somewhere else. You can use annotations to prompt your fans to like, subscribe or comment on your video. Linking those annotations just makes it that much easier for them to do so.

3. Make Videos that are Like-Worthy

What makes a YouTube video better than the millions already out there?

The trick is creating videos that get more likes. A like signifies approval. YouTubers will like your video if it conforms to one or more of these aspects:

  • It educated the viewer
  • It answered the viewer’s question
  • It entertained the viewer
  • It struck an emotional cord with the viewer
  • It covered the subject well

When you plan and create your video, use the above as a checklist. These aspects are the basics to getting a substantial number of likes.

But remember that you’re also competing with other videos that attempt to do the same. So let’s see if you can exceed the expectations of your fans by really going all out on the following:


Are you including information that is truly valuable? Can your viewers find this info elsewhere or are you really giving them something that’s unique?


When answering a question, are you answering it accurately? Are you also debunking false information out there?


Can you make your viewers laugh? Not just snicker or giggle, but really laugh? There are tons of funny videos on YouTube, so what sets yours apart?


In order to touch your audience you must tap into their emotions. Can you connect with your fans by sharing an emotion of love, anger, compassion or desire?


A YouTube video should always have a sense of completion to it. Does your video cover every aspect of your topic well or does it have some gaps?

4. Gain Lots of Subscribers

It’s as simple as this: more subscribers = more likes.

But getting subscribers can be hard. YouTube makes it easy to view videos; then slightly harder to like them; but the hardest is subscribing.

Getting your viewers to hit that subscriber button will be your biggest challenge—but it will be worth it when you see those likes increasing.

So let’s take a quick look at how to get more subscribers on YouTube.

Again: Tell them to Subscribe

Use annotations, your voice or subtitles to prompt your viewers to subscribe. They probably won’t think to do so unless you remind them to.

You have to be almost redundant about this. Keep reminding them to subscribe at the beginning and end of your video. Give them an explanation as to why they should subscribe.

Post Videos Consistently

Regular posting is important. Whether it’s once a day or once a month; always let your viewers know when they can expect a new video from you.

Consistency will guarantee you more views. More views will add up to more likes on your video. So be consistent and you’ll reap the rewards.

Actively Build Your Subscriber Base

Use other ways of promoting your videos. Mention your video in comments, blogs and social media posts. The more you talk about your videos, the more YouTube likes you’ll receive.

Remember to use keywords when doing anything related to textual content. Keywords will help your audience find you which ultimately means more likes for your videos.

5. Promote Your Videos Everywhere

Let’s talk more about being active online.

Getting more likes on YouTube requires active participation on the internet. There are many channels where you can do this, and the more you use the more YouTube likes you’ll get.

On YouTube

Yes, you should be promoting yourself directly on YouTube?


  • Video descriptions:
  • Cross-video promotion:
  • Optimized video titles:

On Your Blog

I hope you have a blog that relates to your video playlists. If not, you may want to start one. YouTube and blogging work great together.

Blogging gives you a platform to share your videos to readers who actively seek out articles. Surprise these readers with an embedded video within your blog.

The video is hosted on YouTube, but your viewer can still give it a like directly from your blog.

On Social Media

Most social media platforms have become video friendly. Twitter and Instagram have especially promoted themselves as video friendly social media channels.

Leverage these channels to get more likes on your YouTube videos. Talk about your videos; post images about them; write about them. The more exposure you get on Twitter and Instagram, the more retweets and shares your posts will get. And more shares means more YouTube likes.

6. Make Videos that are Personal

Most popular YouTube videos have an emotional component.

Emotion is what drives people to like, comment on and share your videos. But if you aren’t actively connecting with your audience, you’ll quickly lose them to other video footage.

Here are some ways to personalize your videos with more intent.

Feature People

Studies have shown that videos (and images) that feature people are more likely to generate engagement.

10 Strategies to Get More Likes on YouTube 1

Your videos may not be conducive to this rule, but if you can add people in your videos start doing so as soon as you create your next one.


Get personal with your audience. If you have personally experienced something related to the topic you’re helping them with, tell them about your own experiences.

YouTubers respond to stories. If you have one, be sure to tell it.


Hosting or narrating your own YouTube videos is magic for getting more likes. Viewers will respond to an active speaker—and who better to connect with them than you?

4. Buy YouTube Video Likes

The word ‘viral’ is an important one if you’re on YouTube.

Everyone is chasing that viral component, but most don’t know what it is or how works.

By its very nature, a viral video starts off popular and gains more views & likes because of its initial popularity.

What you may not know is that you can jumpstart your popularity by buying YouTube video likes.

Are These Likes Real?

When you buy YouTube likes for your video you are getting real account holders to like your video. These users might also engage in your content, which is great for your up-and-coming popularity.

This is a great strategy if you’re just starting out on YouTube. It’s also a good idea to buy likes if your videos are good, but struggling to get exposure.

Once you have a bunch of likes on your video, YouTube will actively start promoting your video to other viewers. So buy video likes and get the ball rolling.

8. Create External Links to Your Videos

You must befriend Google if you want to get more likes on YouTube.

Google puts high value on external links—as long as those links are authentic.

How can you get loads of external links for your video?

Active Comments

Engaging with others on the internet is an important part of getting exposure for your own content.

Browse blogs and videos that relate to your own niche. Leave comments and post links to your video that refers people to your video.

Don’t get spammy while doing this. Spam will work against you. Be real and offer people real life value with a link to your video. Explain why you are posting the link and how the footage can benefit other users.

Guest Blogging

White Hat SEO dictates that any external link must be authentic. The best way to create authentic backlinks is through guest post blogging.

Seek out affiliate sites that are in your industry without being direct competitors. Approach them with a proposal to guest post on their site once a month.

Each article will contain a backlink to one of your videos. Google will quickly recognize your content as relevant to that niche and rank your videos higher!

Connecting with Influencers

True SEO is about forming relationships. Another way to create external links is to connect with an influencer in your industry or niche.

When they post content on their social media pages, they can tag or refer to you with a link leading to your video.

Connect with podcasts and get interviewed as a niche expert. Podcast hosts will include a link to your video content in the podcast description. That’s another link for you!

Find ways to connect with niche influencers and whenever you do, be sure to get that link in there. It’ll do wonders for your SEO!

9. Spend a Little on Advertising

Where’s the one place you should be sharing your YouTube videos?


Facebook is where most people will be. That’s why you should be posting every one of your videos on this popular platform. Create a Facebook page for your niche and share your videos with your fans.

Facebook also has some intuitive advertizing tools. These tools will help you get more exposure and likes on YouTube. Let’s see how it works.

Choosing a Video to Promote

Step one is making an educated selection from your videos. You won’t have to promote every video you share. This is overkill.

Instead, choose one that has been organically popular. Or, if you’re posting a new video regularly you can just choose the newest one each time.

Choosing Your Audience

Step two is recognizing what your audience demographic is. Use criteria such as age, gender and interests to target an audience that will resonate with your video.

10 Strategies to Get More Likes on YouTube 2

You’ll get a bigger ROI on your Facebook ad and more likes on YouTube overall.

Consistent Advertizing

Facebook users have the option to stop receiving your ads. Despite what you may think, this is actually good news.

It means you’ll stop wasting your ad budget on people who are not relevant to your niche. Every time someone stops Facebook from sending them your ads, it makes space for someone who may well be interested.

10. Stalk Your Competition

On YouTube there isn’t really such a thing as competition.

But there are other YouTubers doing something similar to you. If viewers are choosing these video channels over yours, it’s time to up your game.

Take a look at what they’re doing and where you could improve. If there are technical or content related improvements to make on your videos, your competitors will highlight those for you.

Keep it Simple

Some of these tips may make you think you need to treat your YouTube channel like a business.

While you must be disciplined in creating and posting procedures, it’s important to remain casual in your YouTube journey.

YouTubers relate to fun. Keep it simple. Keep it fun.