7 Strategies for Getting More Followers on SoundCloud

It’s all about the fans!

There’s something personal about your music. It’s yours, but it wouldn’t be as valuable unless you were able to share it with others.

Connecting with fans is the quickest way to grow your music career. Since the web is the most diversified music platform today, your dominant strategy should be to get more followers on popular platforms like SoundCloud.

But it’s not easy to get started.

I’ll be the first to admit that starting as a new artist on SoundCloud is a little scary. It takes some hard work in the beginning to get noticed by prospective fans.

Today I want to share several effective strategies you can implement as a new artist to get yourself noticed on SoundCloud.

But first…

Dedicating Time to Promoting Your Songs

Before we get started on these strategies, let’s talk about time management.

It’s important to make time for the promotion of your songs. Not only on making it, but increasing visibility too. A common expectation is that you won’t have to do much to get noticed. This isn’t true.

Another misconception is that you will have to put in loads of work in the beginning and then just sit back and reap the rewards. Also not true.

Let me tell you how you should approach this journey to ultimately get more SoundCloud followers and succeed as an artist.

One Step at a Time

Your best strategy by far is spending a small amount of time every day on your profile. Your journey has only just started. It’s exciting, and that excitement is fuelling you with loads of energy to work on promoting your songs.

But the novelty will soon wear off. You’ll start to see this journey as work instead of fun. That’s when you need to separate yourself from the thousands of other artists who never get far with their music.

You can do better!

Get into a routine and spend one hour every week day on your profile and getting plays. Focus on one of these strategies each day and you’ll soon gain momentum.

Let’s get started!

1. Your First Step: Buy SoundCloud Followers

It’s tough out there. SoundCloud is a hub of songs that’s yet to be rivalled.

How can you stand out from all that competition?

The truth is you don’t have any (or much) competition on SoundCloud. It’s not about competing, it’s about helping those who like your kind of music find you easily.

This is important. Never look at other SoundCloud accounts as your competition. They’re just there selling a different kind of product to you.

Your music is unique and your fans are out there. They’re looking for music like yours. They just need some help finding you.

How Does SoundCloud Work?

Understanding how SoundCloud functions will make you better at getting your music noticed.

The snowball principle on SoundCloud dictates that the more SoundCloud followers you have, the more exposure your music will receive.

Thousands of new artists start on SoundCloud and never get their profiles off the ground. Why? Because it takes followers to get followers.

How to Get Off to a Strong Start

Fortunately you can buy SoundCloud followers for your profile. In fact it’s the fastest way to get more plays. These are not fake followers, they are real people with real SoundCloud accounts.

There are more strategies to this, but buying SoundCloud followers is a good start. From here, the remaining steps I’ve set out for you below will be a lot more effective.

Let’s look at another strategy.

2. Tagging & Artwork

Start on SoundCloud itself. What can you do to increase visibility and get more plays?

There are two important things: Tagging your music and creating great album art.


Assigning a tag to your tracks helps categorize your music. People on SoundCloud are more likely to find you if you’re using popular keywords that relate to your genre, your style and even the newness of your music.

Use tags and art to get more followers on SoundCloud

  • Genre: Without tagging your music genre you will end up being a solo needle in a SoundCloud haystack. If a genre for your music doesn’t yet exist, tag one that’s closest to it. Inventing your own is also fine, but it will take time to get it noticed. Use common genres to distinguish your music from others.
  • Style: What instruments did you use to make your songs? Is it slow, upbeat, melodic, emotional…? A good example is drum & bass. That’s the genre, but how is that genre divided up? There’s hardcore DnB, melodic DnB, gaming DnB, feel-good DnB, etc. What’s your particular genre style?
  • Originality: There’s a huge fan base out there looking for new stuff. If your music is new, SoundCloud users want to hear it! Tag your music as new, original or unique. You’ll be amazed at how many users are looking for you right now!

The trick to tagging is putting yourself in the shoes of your prospective fan. What would they search if they were looking for music like yours? Think about it and write those terms down. Then use them to tag your music.

Album Art

The default image for your album is the SoundCloud logo. This looks a bit tacky though, so it’s time to work on something that’s eye-catching.

There are thousands of art and graphic design students around the world who are looking to expand their portfolios. Get hold of a few and collect some album art that really expresses your music and your songs.

The trick with album art is to stop users from scrolling when they get to yours. Make it a good one.

3. Social Media Exposure of Tracks

You’ve done a lot already. Now it’s time to show your work & music to others.

Spending an hour a day on social media is a powerful strategy for promoting your music. Just being active will encourage users to follow you on SoundCloud. Let’s canvas a few of the popular social media platforms and see how each one works.


Did you just upload a new song on SoundCloud? Great! Now it’s time to share it on Facebook. Users want a taste before they even think about checking you out or giving it reposts. Share your track, your music video or simply your album art with a brief description. Start with your friends. If you don’t get a lot of engagement, you may want to consider advertizing.

Facebook advertizing is relatively cheap. It allows you to promote one of your posts to give it more visibility. So if you’ve posted something you’re really proud of, target Facebook users who already follow music genres like yours. You’ll get instant activity on your posts and followers will most likely check out your SoundCloud profile too.


Twitter helps you create a culture around your tracks. It’s more of someone who’s already semi-established as an artist, but it’s important to get on there now so that when the time comes, music fans will find you. Give updates on your musical journey, your promotional journey and even if you’re just having a challenging day. You can also share your music videos and album art on Twitter.


I want you to be on Instagram. It’s more powerful than most people give it credit for. Yes, even for promoting your music. Imagine the album art posts you could use to gain awareness for your music. Each post also allows you to create a piece of content. Add a bunch of links to this content that leads users to your SoundCloud profile.


Creating a subreddit is magic for your SoundCloud presence. Reddit is full of fans looking for new, original music. Follow other subreddits that relate to your genre and/or music style. Always tag your music as new, unique or original to help music addicts find you.

4. Create a Music Video for YouTube

There’s something you need to know about the internet. Videos receive more engagement than any other form of content.

Making a music video can be time consuming, but it’s the single most powerful way to get more followers on SoundCloud. It shows listeners that you’re serious about your art. It also shows them an expression of your music that distinguishes you from other artists.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider contacting a few film students. There’s some great talent out there and most students are more than willing to create an amazing video for a very low price—perhaps even for free!

5. Using Content to Promote Your Music

Content drives the internet. It’s not always easy, but you should be leveraging good content to promote yourself as an artist.

There are numerous ways to get more followers on SoundCloud through great content, but you have to be smart about it. Here are some helpful tips:

Starting a Blog

Blogging about your music may not appeal to you at first. But once you get into it, it’s great fun. it’s also a strong way to gain visibility for your music.

Get bloggers to review your SoundCloud music

Writing about what you love isn’t as hard as you may think. If you’re really bad at writing, you could always get a reliable blogger to do it for you.

Whatever you decide, start a blog about your music and learn how to use content to your advantage. The following will get you started:

  • Use keywords. Similar to the tagging we spoke about earlier, use terms that help people find your blog and as a result, your music.
  • Add one link to your SoundCloud profile. Find a 3 – 6 word term within your blog that accurately describes your music and link it to your profile so readers can find you there.
  • Add images, videos and track titles to increase Google’s recognition of your topic.

Writing Instagram Descriptions

Remember that album art we talked about earlier? Each one you share on Instagram should have a solid description. Write a mini blog, add a few powerful hashtags and include a link to your SoundCloud profile or one of your songs associated with that album art.

Writing for Other Blogs

Build links to your SoundCloud profile. This is by far the most powerful way to get noticed on Google and other search engines.

Approach some popular websites that contain content about music. Offer to guest blog for them and make sure that when you do you include one link to your own blog, and one to your SoundCloud profile.

6. How to Converse About Your Music

You’ve implemented some powerful strategies so far. Great job!

There’ll be days when you won’t feel like promoting your music. But you must. So how can you make this process less painful?

If you stick to your one-hour routine and want to do some casual music awareness, here’s another easy yet effective strategy for you.

Casual Browsing

Stop. Take a deep breath. It’s time to have some relaxed fun online.

Start by Googling some music you enjoy. I want you to look for three things in particular:

  • Blogs about music
  • Music videos that fit your style
  • Similar SoundCloud profiles

Now what? Nothing. Enjoy yourself. Listen to some music, read a few articles and watch a few great music videos.

Some days are for inspiration rather than work. Embrace that.

Now that you’re relaxed, it’s time to start a few conversations. Here’s how to do it.

Listening to Music

Did you just hear a great track on SoundCloud? Let the artist know. Remember, there’s no such thing as competition in the music industry. You’re offering something no one else is, so there’s no need to be sparing on the compliments.

Tell a great artist that you enjoyed their track. A well-placed comment is a good way to connect with other musicians. Once you are connected, you can leverage that connection to gain more SoundCloud followers for yourself.

Don’t force it. It will happen naturally if you remain casual, friendly and genuine.


Gain exposure by commenting on blog posts and videos of similar artists

Comment on a few blogs and music videos too. Start a conversation and create the opportunity to introduce your own music. Here’s an example:

YOU: Wow. Is it just me or is this a total hit?

USER: Yep, loving it!

YOU: I know, right? Give this a listen too. You may like it. (Add a link to one of your SoundCloud tracks)

You don’t have to go around doing this ten times a day. That just makes you look desperate. But doing it occasionally is a great way to create backlinks to your music and show others what you’ve got to offer on SoundCloud.

7. Grow Your Fan Base Through Hypeddit

Hypeddit has been specially created for fans of new music. It’s the one place you can actively grow your fan base and get more plays & followers on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud works with Hypeddit to give your music exposure. Creating an account on Hypeddit will set you up for immediate exposure. Music addicts go to Hypeddit for one explicit reason: to find new music.

Once they find something they like, they have the option to be redirected to SoundCloud where they can follow you.

Building a solid fan base and getting more plays on SoundCloud is one of the most gratifying feelings you will ever experience. Remember to establish that one-hour rule into your day. It’s those incremental steps that make the biggest difference in getting more followers on SoundCloud. So start today and don’t stop. You’ll soon be on your way to musical greatness!