13 Strategies for Getting More Likes on Instagram

Everyone loves a pretty picture. That’s probably why Instagram is so popular.

2019 has seen Instagram’s popularity grow exponentially! Why?

Images speak volumes in the world of online content. They’re great for marketing or for promoting a worthwhile cause.

Today, the most popular Instagram profiles are generating engagement that rivals giant platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

It’s clear that certain popular account holders have quite a knack for getting likes on Instagram. So what’s their secret?

If you’ve recognized Instagram as a viable way to market yourself or your business, then getting more Instagram likes is what you’re after.

So without further delay, here are thirteen ways to get more likes on your Instagram profile.

1. Tap into the Emotions of Your Followers

Listen, if you take nothing else away from this article take this: Emotion sells!

The world of marketing is packed with facts. But what really gets the online community going is emotion. That’s why talent show video clips get so many likes, comments and shares—because they stir up our emotions.

Emotion helps Instagram followers connect with each other. You can and should incorporate emotion in your images. Here’s how.


Studies show that images with faces get more engagement than those without. This is a social aspect to the internet. Followers want to interact with other people—even if it’s on a non-personal level.

Find a way to use more faces in your images. The web is about people. Tap into that and you can’t go wrong.

Faces help to get more likes on Instagram

Emotional Words

Words that invoke feeling are more powerful than we give them credit for. If you’re posting quotes on Instagram, choose quotes that speak to your followers’ hearts. A caption and/or description should also contain words that stir up passion. Emotion is what your followers will respond to.

Emotional Images

Anger, fear, love, passion, forgiveness… these are words that can be painted with your pictures. Opt for images that show strong emotion and you’re sure to get more likes on Instagram.

2. Write an Awesome Instagram Bio

It’s about making a connection. We know that now. And speaking of making a connection, let’s discuss your Instagram bio.

The bio is a small section on your profile that tells Instagram users a little about you or your business. It’s a great way to introduce yourself. It’s also a great way to create a lasting impression on Instagram followers who want to follow you.

Now this article is about getting more Instagram likes. But to get likes, you need followers, right? So the more followers you can get using your bio, the more Instagram likes you will ultimately get.

6 Points to Writing a Great Instagram Bio

  • Again, use emotional words in your bio. Connect with your audience. Show them your humanness. As David Altucher always says, bleed in your first line.
  • Use emoticons. Place fun emoticons in between your words so indicate the tone of your writing.
  • Be concise. Say as much as possible in as few words as you can. When you’re finished, go back and cut away more unnecessary words.
  • Add important contact info like an email address or Skype ID. if you’re a local business, include your contact number.
  • Include links to other platforms like your Twitter profile, Facebook page or Blog.
  • Put a face to your bio. Unless it’s completely relevant avoid using alternative images as your bio pic. Show a photo of your face instead and let people know who you are.

3. Stick to a Solid Instagram Posting Schedule

Instagram is at its busiest during Mondays and Thursdays. This is when you should be posting if you want to get more Instagram likes on your page.

Consistency is also key to getting more Instagram likes. Post at the same time on the days you do post. Your followers—whether they realize it or not—will begin to grow accustomed to seeing your content at certain days and times.

If you post once a day or even more than once a day, try and stick to a particular time when you do so. There are times during the day—depending on your location & industry—when most of your Instagram followers are online. Find out what these ideal times are and maximize like generation on your posts.

4. Post Content that Goes Beyond Images

Images are what Instagram is all about. But there are ways to include content in an image format—and you should do this often.


Each image allows you to write a fairly long description. I see these as mini blogs. They’re a great way to encourage engagement and get more Instagram likes.

You can also provide content in the form of your images. A photo of someone holding a board with something important to say is very powerful. Quotes are trending strong right now too, so capitalize on that and help people relate to your message.

Perfectly likeable Instagram post

Sign boards, billboards and open book shots are extremely effective. They’re easy to digest and sure to generate lots of likes on Instagram.


Textual content isn’t the only form of alternative content on Instagram. Infographics are an excellent way to summarize a blog and feed it to your audience fast.

The reason infographics are so popular is because they allow Instagram users to scan over the information without having to take the time to read a lengthy blog. All the important information is in one place. This kind of ‘easy’ content gets users to follow you more readily.


Instagram videos are proving to be very effectual at generating likes. They allow you to create a story or express a message within a short amount of time. Use videos every so often on Instagram and watch as your likes steadily increase.

5. Do What Works—Then Keep Doing It

Which of your posts got the most engagement this week? If you don’t know the answer, you’re not tapping into the analytics of your profile.

There are various tools available that help you analyze your Instagram activity. Iconosquare is one of the most popular, but there are others that you may find more user friendly.

An analytical tool will monitor your Instagram profile and give you reports on your most popular reports. Take an objective look at what your followers like and try to post similar content over time.

Another good strategy is to watch your competitors. See what they’re doing and note which of their posts generate the most engagement. You don’t have to copy them, but it will give you a good idea of how to get more Instagram likes for your own page.

6. Know How to Use Hashtags on Instagram

If you’ve seen hashtags on social media but aren’t sure what they mean or how they work, here’s a quick explanation.

A hashtag files the post (where it appears) into a category of the same title. So if you hashtag #InstagramRules on a post about Instagram, it will be listed with other posts where the same hashtag occurs.

This is a great social media tool because it helps people find a concentration of content related to what they want in one click. Here are some ways you should be using hashtags on Instagram:

Location Hashtags

Locations are a great way to show people where you’re active. If something interesting is happening in an area or a country, you can hashtag the event. Others will see your activity when they view that hasthtag.

  • #iloveLondon
  • #KansasEvents
  • #AtTheBeach

Special Day Hashtags

Special holidays or event days give you loads of views when you hashtag the day. It’s always beneficial to somehow participate in a special holiday and get exposure for your cause. You can even hashtag a particular day of the week for regular exposure. You can also focus a message on 2019 by adding it to your hashtag.

  • #VotingDay
  • #XmasShopping
  • #MondayBlues
  • #HappyHumpday

Unique Hashtags

Some Instagram profiles create unique hashtags that help users identify them within the industry. This can be your name, a slogan or just a phrase your cause is associated with.

  • #JustDoIt
  • #DrinkCoke
  • #ImLovingIt

Popular Hashtags

When you use popular hashtags you’re guaranteed loads of exposure. Use them often enough and you’ll start getting views—and ultimately new followers and likes on your Instagram posts. Find a way to relate these popular hashtags to your own cause.

  • #blackandwhite
  • #happiness
  • #motivation

7. Keep it Real

Instagram followers in 2019 love consistency. If you can maintain a steady flow of posts that adhere to a particular theme, you’ll soon start getting more Instagram likes on your posts.

Use Authentic Images

The first rule to getting more likes on your Instagram photos is to make sure they’re unique. If you have a message, find a way to express it in a unique way. Even if that message has been expressed before, you can make it look cool by making it original. A phot is a great way to do this, but you’re not limited to this medium.

Go easy on the editing. Keep it as organic as possible. Instagram users tend to relate more to authentic, unadulterated photos.


You may want to forget about filters altogether, but I understand that some profiles rely on filters to perpetuate consistency. If you are using filters, use them consistently and with purpose—not to be fancy.

Avoid filters on Instagram

8. Buy Instagram Likes for Your Posts

Instagram has its own algorithm that signals which profiles are relevant and which profiles aren’t. The more likes you get on your posts, the more relevant your profile becomes!

You can kickstart your profile by buying Instagram likes for certain posts. If you are going to purchase Instagram likes, be sure to purchase them from a reputable company that provides authentic likes—not fake ones.

9. Connect with Credible Instagram Accounts

It’s likely that other Instagram accounts are doing similar posts to yours. You might also find that certain profiles have content that’s worth sharing on your own profile.

Tap into popular accounts and use them to find shareworthy content. Also use them to learn about what’s trending and what posts Instagram users engage on.

Don’t just follow any Instagram profiles that’s popular. Make sure the profiles you join have something to do with your own profile.

10. Use Call to Actions Through Other Social Media Channels

There’s one thing you need to know about social media. You must tell people what to do if you want the to do it.

A call to action is an imperative on every Instagram post. Telling people to like a post is what gets you Instagram likes. If someone likes it, they may not show their appreciation with a LIKE—unless you tell them to.

Instagram is mostly about images. But as I’ve alluded to already, there’s a lot of textual content involved too.

Each post has a description that allows you to add context to your image or photo. This is an important part of working with Instagram. Add content whenever you post something and ALWAYS be purposeful in your intention. If you want Instagram likes, tell your followers to like your posts. It’s that simple.

11. Host a Competition

In many ways, Instagram is more conducive to competitions than other social media channels. You can make it simple by offering one entry per like, or you can get really inventive.

Selfie Contests

What started Instagram? Selfies! The whole point of Instagram was to post an instant image of yourself wherever you were and whatever you were doing.

Tap into this tradition by asking your Instagram followers to take a selfie of themselves using your product or doing something related to your niche. The winner will not only win a prize, but get their photo posted on your page!

Pole Contests

You can use images to prompt your followers to vote. Every contestant must like one of three images. The one with the most likes gets featured as the winning photo. This gives you Instagram likes on all three your images and you’re likely to get lots of engagement on the winning photo.

Tag Contests

You can also use hashtags to control certain contests. Use a specific hashtag (something unique), so that you can view all posts or comments related to your competition. This makes it easy to diversify your competition using comments, posts or even external hashtags as entries.

12. Engage with Your Affiliates

Do you work closely with other companies or parties to run your business or hobby niche? Sure you do!

If these guys have Instagram profiles too, you can tap into their followings and get like-minded people to follow you.

When doing this, be cautious. You don’t want it to look like you’re hijacking someone else’s followers.

Be interesting and engaging on another profile and you’ll soon get more followers for your Instagram profile. This will in turn win you extra likes—if your posts follow the other guidelines set out in this article.

If you’re confused about what an affiliate is, here are a few examples:

  • An organic gardening niche could affiliate itself with book writers, greenhouse builders, organic fertilizer & pesticide distributors, etc.
  • A sneaker company could affiliate themselves with their distributors, leather suppliers, designers and sports magazines.
  • Musicians can follow and comment on other musicians within the same genre, as well as sound engineers, instrument shops, etc.

Important note: An affiliate is NOT a direct competitor. Although some Instagram profiles will affiliate themselves with the same industries, these are usually industries that operate in different countries or areas so as not to step on each other’s toes.

13. Share Your Story

Let’s conclude with this. If you’re on Instagram, remember to tell people your story. If you neglect this crucial element, you’re likely to fall by the wayside.

Instagram has recently implemented a story version of their platform. This allows you to use photos to string important events and tell a story. By creating a story momentum you will generate more likes for related Instagram posts.

This what people want on Instagram—your story. Everyone has a story.

What’s yours?