7 Tips to Get More Comments on Instagram

Would you call yourself an expert?

I try my best to keep up with developments on social media platforms, but sometimes they get the better of me. You probably feel the same.

Let’s talk about Instagram. Instagram is an application originally meant to share photographs between friends. Since its creation in 2010 it evolved into an active online platform. People share videos, stories and interact with each other.

Apart from being a social tool it’s now also considered a strong business asset.

Do you still use Instagram for its original purpose or are you moving with the times?

The only way you draw full benefits from the app is if you use all its features.

2016 saw many changes in Instagram’s comments setup. Why is the company putting effort into this area of the application?

If the designers think comments are important I believe you should too.

So here are a few things I discovered. And I know they can help you get more comments on Instagram.

Why do You Need More Instagram Comments?

I want to help you get the most out of your Instagram account. This applies to your personal and business account.

If Instagram forms part of your business’ marketing campaign you need to show a return on investment of time and money.

In both scenarios you want your posts to be noticed. This won’t happen if your posts simply become part of the mass of information Instagrammers generate every day.

You need your posts to stand out. You need your posts to be recommended. You need your posts to be shared.

Here’s where it becomes tricky. Do you realize that the number of comments you get determines your online impact.

Why are comments important?

How Instagram Works

Instagram has an algorithm which governs the timeline each user sees. The algorithm takes into account the number of likes and comments a post has. If your post doesn’t have any comments it will rate low on Instagram’s scale.

Instagram’s algorithm also looks for content that users can explore. The algorithm only allocates quality content to the Explore tab. A post’s number of comments adds to its quality rating.

You can’t afford to have a low number of comments.

How People Work

People follow where trendsetters and influencers lead. You can capitalize on that.

Your number of comments tells users how valuable others found your posts. This screenshot shows how all your statistics are summarized together. If there aren’t any comments they will simply scroll past.

7 Tips to Get More Comments on Instagram 1

What does your recent posts say about your popularity?

This is why comments are important. Use it as motivation to put effort into your Instagram profile.

Let’s generate some comments!

1. Use Your Voice

Other people on Instagram want comments as urgently as you do. So give them what they want.

Think of when you receive a comment from a new source. I’m usually so grateful that I return the favor by replying or viewing the follower’s profile.

Use this strategy to generate more interaction. Boosting your online exposure in this way can result in natural growth later.

People—such as myself—are grateful enough to return comments because they are rare. Comments are a scarce commodity.

Use them to ‘trade’ and you’ll love the results. Most people are used to getting likes. When they receive comments they take notice and usually respond.

Experts see that about 20% of people you like will also follow you. When you comment too, this number rises to 34%.

More followers increase your chances of getting comments. It’s worth the additional effort.

If you want to make commenting easy you can use online applications such as Iconosquare. These applications help you manage your Instagram activities.

If your comment is personal and thoughtful enough it will prompt the Instagrammer to view your profile too.

2. Ask For It

Sometimes we forget to try the easiest options first. Don’t think there’s an online etiquette to limit you. You can ask people to comment as much as you want.

If you make smart requests they won’t even know they’re doing you favors. They will comment because they have the NEED to comment. Why? People love having and giving opinions.

Ask a question

Instead of simply posting a video and waiting for opinions, ask your audience members what they think. Write a question as part of your image’s caption.

This is an excellent way to obtain more comments on Instagram and do some market research for your business.

Use people’s love for controversy to your benefit. Ask their opinion about a controversial news story. People don’t often get a chance to offer input on global affairs. Sharing their viewpoints on Instagram are gratifying alternatives so they’ll jump at the opportunities.

Make sure to thank people for their participation. People who feel appreciated will offer you the same courtesies in future.

Ask for Support

Most people are led by their emotions. Emotions prompt them to react. If you can generate an emotion you’re sure to get a comment.

You can latch onto people’s emotions by asking for support. This is a perfect way non profit organisations can get traction on Instagram. Showcasing the need you want to relieve can generate comments from the public.

Businesses can showcase community projects or simply share challenges they face. People respond to real situations they can relate to.

Purchase them from Professionals

Why not simply use a business transaction to boost your posts’ engagement?

There are reputable companies who sell online interaction. You can buy custom Instagram comments from them.

No these aren’t fake comments. They are made be real people who are part of these companies’ online communities.

In return for payment these companies ask their communities to visit your profile and comment on posts.

This engagement will therefore be spread across many posts and not simply be allocated to one. Your entire portfolio will be given an authentic boost.

This quick boost will help achieve more impact on Instagram in general. Your posts will be ranked higher and seen on more timelines.

Make sure you have quality posts so increased exposure will automatically result in more comments and likes.

3. Build Your Portfolio

Which brands do you support the most? Chances are they’re the ones with the largest variety and best quality.

Approach Instagram with this same mind set. Make sure people who view your Instagram portfolio are impressed by numbers and quality.

Improve your portfolio so it’s large enough to offer variety and impress different types of people. Each post must be of a high quality.

Now imagine a new follower who happens to open your profile. Will he or she be impressed enough to comment?

This must be your goal. Let it motivate you to make the most of each post.

Let’s look at ways to enhance the value of individual posts.

4. Grab Attention

People love giving their opinion. This characteristic is limited to aspects people actually care about. They get emotional when they care.

How can you spark emotions so people willingly give their opinions or feedback?

This is why you need to know what your audience is interested in. It’s especially important if you’re planning a marketing campaign. Don’t waste time on designing posts that won’t grab your clients’ attention. Do your homework.

There are certain trends that generally result in greater interaction so you can get more comments on Instagram. Work these into your posts to instantly lift their viewing value.


Are your posts about what your audience finds interesting?

  • If you’re selling shoes your audience may not want to be bombarded with pictures of new footwear. They may love hearing about:
  • How donated shoes help under privileged children take part in sport
  • How a famous athlete you sponsor broke a record
  • How your employees embraced April Fools’ Day and played pranks on each other

I will comment on any one of these posts even if it’s only with a smiley face. I will probably ask how I can help the children too.

It’s important to do market research and define your target audience.

Instagram is not your only marketing tool. Don’t plaster your profile with pictures of merchandise and price lists. Use it to generate more interest and interaction. Interaction requires communication which is why comments are important.


When your posts relate to items that evoke emotion you’re bound to get more interaction. Some of these may sound cliché, but their popularity has never wavered:

  • Funny videos always work. After watching one your follower is bound to tag a friend in a comment or express his or her level of hysterics with emoticons.
  • Photos and videos of animals are always popular. You can post about employees’ pets. This will make your company seem less clinical and more relatable. Pet lovers will immediately voice their emotions. Remember to respond to their posts in kind to build relationships. For years I didn’t want a dog and definitely not one that lives on my couch. I made this fact quite known to my friends. Today I own two dogs and I love them. Each time I post a picture such as the one below my friends comment. Some of them simply laugh (LOL) at how I gave in to my newfound love for pets. Whatever the reason for a comment, it benefits my profile.

7 Tips to Get More Comments on Instagram 2


People want to see people. This is proven by studies. They find that people are 32% more likely to comment on posts that contain human faces.

What a great excuse for selfies, right?

This is because we subconsciously respond to faces whether we want to or not. Use this inherent human feature to your benefit.

5. Tell Your Stories

People also love stories. This is proven by the millions of novels that are sold each year.

Since 2016 Instagram enables users to share stories. A few ordinary photos are transformed into a visual novel that your followers can enjoy.

This is an ideal way to share a message from your company or show what your team is like. It can make your company more approachable.

When people relate with you they’re bound to post more comments.

Instagram has an algorithm to boost quality stories. If your story is well liked it will be suggested to Instagram users who don’t yet follow you.

Make sure your stories are of value so they can generate comments and result in more exposure.

6. Improve Your Photographic Skills

Instagram has many tools to improve your photographs. Why do the designers put so much effort into this aspect?

Yes I know it’s fun to edit a picture but do you know your Instagram skills determine how many comments you get? A quality photo WILL make an impression.

Before you post your next image ask yourself some questions:

  • Is this a quality photograph? Experimenting with different angles and distances may result in a better image.
  • Did you pick the correct filter? You probably have a favorite filter but your followers may hate it. People love and respond to light images more than dark ones. If your filter adds shadows it may rob a stunning photo of its power.
  • Does the photograph have the correct colors? Colors send subconscious messages to viewers. If you want to seem powerful you should add red objects to images. If you want people to feel safe interacting with you, opt for green or blue.

7. Get Noticed

You can use the tips I mentioned and create the perfect post without getting one comment. Why? Because no one sees it.

How can you improve your profile and posts’ visibility?


How private do you want to be?

If you want to get noticed and popular you may have to sacrifice some boundaries.

Change your profile’s settings to Public so your posts and profile can be viewed by strangers. This opens a whole new source of viewers who can comment.

7 Tips to Get More Comments on Instagram 3

Adjust your settings to receive a Push notification whenever you get a comment. You can immediately reply which builds relationship with your follower.

Instagram is popular because people love interaction. If you supply this interaction your follower may visit your profile and comment more than before.


Think of hashtags as a filing method. Instagram organizes posts with the same hashtags. If you use popular hashtags your posts will be linked to a certain folder.

When someone searches for that hashtag or uses it themselves your posts will pop up.

Of course it will be part of a large group of posts but it will appear on timelines of people who don’t yet follow you. When more people see your posts there’s more chance of getting comments.

Use Video

We’re all guilty of scrolling. You’re probably skilled at scrolling past irrelevant posts and halting when you see something noteworthy.

What catches your eye?

More often than not you’ll take more time assessing a video than a normal picture. Am I right?

Use this to your benefit. Add videos to your posts so people will stop scrolling past your content.

As mentioned you want to connect with people’s emotions. It’s easier to communicate something meaningful via a video.

There’s a mass of photographs on timelines so it’s difficult to make one stand out. The added value of sound makes videos more entertaining and valuable to 2019 Instagrammers. Make sure you don’t lose out on this current trend.

Get Your Timing Right

Social media platforms initiated a whole new science. People study trends and develop algorithms to use these networks optimally.

This research can benefit you.

There are general times when each platform’s posts are noticed the most. Experts believe the best times to post on Instagram are:

  • Early in the morning at 2am
  • During breakfast at 8am
  • Late afternoon at 5pm

You can focus on Mondays but Instagram is generally used throughout the week.

The best times are also determined by your type of business and niche posts. This is why you must do your own research too.

Social media managing software can help you schedule posts. You can obtain statistics to see which times and topics result in the most comments. Keep to those guidelines in future and I guarantee you more interaction.

Applications you can use:

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • SocialOomph

Some of these applications allow you to track feedback and reply to comments. This interaction may help you get even more comments on Instagram.

Don’t get demotivated at the task. Experts have done most of the research and work on your behalf. You simply have to implement the tools. Now that you realize the importance of Instagram comments put some effort into generating some. Don’t see it as work. Yes the comments will benefit your online impact but maybe you’ll even enjoy having more interaction with your followers.