8 Tips to Getting More Views on Facebook

The playing field keeps getting more competitive. Are you keeping up?

Facebook started as a platform to find and communicate with friends. Today I see a rat race for the most likes and views.

This isn’t limited to businesses. Each Facebook user wants his or her content to be noticed, right?

People are overwhelmed with content. They receive it via billboards, emails and printed media. When you’re overwhelmed you pick the effortless route. Videos are easier to digest and more attractive because of both audio & visual features.

You also want Facebook video views for business reasons because they influence your profit margin. The stakes are high.

Do you get your video posts viewed by enough Facebook users?

The Importance of Facebook Video Views

Don’t think you can ignore this avenue of marketing. Facebook’s popularity makes it a profitable marketing platform. If you don’t use the platform your competitors will.

Lucrative Market

In America most people spend 40 minutes per day viewing their feed on Facebook.

When you communicate with your community on Facebook you must use the correct tools. If you want to catch clients’, friends’ or the public’s attention you have to use the mediums they’re most open to. It’s no longer enough to post text updates or images.

In 2015 Facebook recorded 8 billion views per day. That’s only video views. Imagine what the rate is in 2018. Are you getting your share of these views?

Facebook’s algorithm searches for the best content around so users stay interested. A video carries much more weight than images.

A video is also a quick way of delivering information. Thanks to Facebook’s Autoplay feature your video can deliver a message fast. Without the viewer even deciding to open the post the video will start playing. Do you see how beneficial this can be?

It Determines Your Status

If you want to be a Facebook hit or a successful marketer views are important.

Facebook users see views and likes as ways to measure people’s—or a posts’—worth. They prefer viewing videos with a high number of views. It tells them it’s worth watching.

How do you get the first views that will attract the others?

So now you know what’s important. How can you optimize your videos to get more views on Facebook?

1. Direct Uploads Work

Before you think of linking all your YouTube videos to Facebook, stop.

Yes you have to use videos but you have to upload them directly to Facebook. Don’t work via third party channels.

When videos are uploaded to Facebook directly they are watched more and easier. Users don’t have to open applications such as YouTube.

These videos also end up in more news feeds and viewers can easily tag friends. This means more exposure for you.

Now you know how to post. Let’s talk about what to post.

2. First Impressions Last

All you need on Facebook is three seconds. Three seconds of viewing time is equal to one view. If you promote your company on YouTube you have to engage a viewer for 30 seconds.

Facebook’s statistics department makes it simple for you but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Even with Facebook’s Autoplay feature your audience scroll past posts faster than the three second rule can benefit you. So how do you immediately engage someone?

Movement is Important

A motionless intro robs you of people’s attention.

Movement catches the eye of a user who is lazily scrolling.

Movement shows viewers what your video is about if your potential viewer doesn’t read the description. This is why stunt videos and pet videos garner attention. Footage of these topics are rarely motionless.

Pick the Right Thumbnail

Perhaps your video is part of a news feed that simply slides by as someone scrolls? Is your first frame—your thumbnail—enough to make someone reverse his or her scrolling?

The art of Facebook video production is almost a science. Are you aware you can edit a personal video before posting it to your wall? Make sure you edit it so a striking first frame invites people to view the rest.

8 Tips to Getting More Views on Facebook 1

I picked this video from a bunch displayed on my Smartphone screen. The colors and subject caught my eye because I was hungry while browsing. This seemed like an interesting lunch.

Do you see how you can connect with someone’s subconscious mind?

It doesn’t even have much sound but I watched it to find out what I could plan for my next meal.

This brings us to another important question: How well does your video communicate your message if no sound is played?

Pick a Title

Increase your video’s impact with a catchy title or description. Some Facebook users DO love reading. If you catch someone’s attention and mention the value of the video it may spark interest.

You want your video watched to its end so people get your full message and share it afterwards.

Assess each part of your video for its value.

3. Develop Your Reach

How important is a higher number of views on Facebook to you? Are you willing to invest some time and effort in the process?

You can use your current Facebook activity to devise a better plan for the future. All the tools are in place. Unfortunately not many people know about them.

What is Reach?

Facebook offers you Facebook Insights. This shows you a reach report. Think of your Reach as the amount of Facebook users your status updates—and videos—are seen by.

These statistics are determined by:

  • The posts you make. If your postings are of higher quality they may reach more people.
  • The actions followers take with your posts such as Like, Comment and Share. How do your followers help your messages reach more news feeds? What can you do to initiate more actions?
  • Activities on other platforms that direct traffic to your Facebook page. This includes links in emails, Like widgets on your website and mentions on Twitter or Instagram. Are your using these tools to increase your Facebook impact?
  • The people you reach via Facebook campaigns.

8 Tips to Getting More Views on Facebook 2

You can see the amount of information Facebook offers is vast. It’s a pity so few people make use of these statistics.

Optimizing Your Reach

Are you optimizing all these avenues?

If you want your Facebook marketing and posting to have impact you need a plan.

The statistics will show you where you can improve. Some of the tips in this article will help improve your reach. Using the information available puts you one step ahead of competitors.

4. Invite Others to Post Videos

Are you afraid to let others post videos on your wall?

If you realize how valuable the engagement of people is you’ll rethink your position.

When influencers of your sphere—such as business leaders—post videos on your feed their audience may see the activity on their news feed.

Firstly you’ll be respected because of the connection with influencers. Secondly the views will channel users to your profile.

Can you afford to be territorial about your page?

Relax. Facebook makes it possible to have security and exposure. Use these handy settings:

  • Make sure you’re informed of all posts made to your wall.
  • Require that you have to approve posts before they appear on your wall.
  • Pick guidelines for posts. You can block posts that contain certain keywords. This empowers you to keep profanity and controversy off your wall.

Avail yourself of the many Facebook features that benefit you.

5. Be Interactive

Facebook is a hit because people are addicted to interaction. Even people who don’t like going out love interacting with friends online.

Here’s how this can count in your favour to obtain more views on Facebook.

Ask for Captions

People love giving their opinion. Give them a chance to do this by asking for a caption for your video. Offer a prize for the best one to give them more reason to take part.

They may think you’re in need of some inspiration. Actually you’re making use of their needs. This isn’t unfair. It’s basic psychology.

It also forces them to view the whole video and they may tag friends so they can join in on the fun.

Remind them of Sound

Autoplay is awesome because your visuals start making impact before any button is pressed. Unfortunately viewers then miss out on sound.

Remind viewers to watch the video with sound for optimum effect. It will spark their interest because they’ll wonder what they’re missing out on.

Live Video

The new Facebook trend—Live Video—means your followers can be part of your experiences in real time.

Use this feature. It’s popular because people are curious and don’t want to miss out on the latest news.

If you’re filming an activity or announcement they will think it’s worth the view.

6. Recycle the Good Stuff

Don’t think someone’s going to laugh at you for reposting an old hit. Excellent videos rarely go out of date.

Your Facebook analytics reports will show you which videos got the most engagement.

Chances are someone is looking for the video to show to a friend who hasn’t seen it.

Visit your archives from time to time and take out the golden oldies. It will get more views and shares on Facebook and benefit your page again.

7. Quality is Key

You’re not going to get interaction from fans if you don’t deliver excellent products. Excellent videos are posted on Facebook every day. You have to make sure yours stand out among the rest.

A fan may view the first three seconds of your video. That’s one view.

If it’s not watched until the end you haven’t succeeded in the next vital step. It won’t be shared with others so they can view it too.

The content of your video determines whether you’ll get more views on Facebook from people outside your Friends and Followers lists.

Here are a few tips to make your videos better.

Quality Video

People are spoiled for choice on social media platforms. They can get HD quality videos.

If your video is not on par with other videos fans may not think it worth the watch.

Think about:

  • Make sure videos don’t pixelate. You run a risk of losing video quality when you edit, send or distribute the video. Make sure the video you use on Facebook will look great even when viewed on large screens.
  • If you’re making a video yourself you have to do acquire skills in filmography. The camera, microphone and lighting will have an effect on your video’s quality. Seasoned viewers will notice defects. They may judge your message or product in terms of the video’s quality. Prevent this by hiring professionals or using quality equipment. It may require additional time, effort and money but will be worth it.


Having faces in your footage is paramount. Try building your video around people rather than simply using words, landscapes or inanimate objects.

People instinctively react to faces. You can’t prevent them doing it. Use this to your advantage.

If a face at the start of the video makes someone view it you’ve captured one person’s attention. Using faces throughout the video means the viewer takes in more of your message. If your content is of value your video will be shared.

Look at this picture. On one screenshot you have two posts with faces. I almost don’t know which one to look at first. This is not because I love weddings or want to try out the software. I want to know why she’s crying and I think the lady on the left has something exciting to tell me.

People’s faces attract attention and result in engagement.

Keep it Relevant

As with any type of post on Facebook you must keep videos relevant. People like, view and share posts when they find value in them. Your video must have one or more of these characteristics so people will want to view it:

  • Information
  • Educational features
  • Entertainment angle
  • Controversial subject
  • Emotional angle
  • Current affairs

It’s a good idea to mention one of these aspects in the caption. Fans who read will pick up on the value it has and take the time to view it to the end.

Stick to Squares

Videos can be in square (1:1) or landscape (16:9) format. If you want more views on Facebook stick with square videos. You simply have to change the aspect ratios of your videos.

Currently you can view your Facebook newsfeed on your Smartphone, tablet or computer. In 2018 Smartphones are used much more than any other device.

For videos to obtain more views on Facebook they must offer Smartphone users optimum viewing pleasure. When your video is in landscape format there’s a chance it won’t present as well as square ones.

The video will be small with screen space wasted at the top or bottom. Alternatively only a part of the video will show on the Smartphone screen.

These problems result in square videos being viewed up to 35% more than landscape ones.

8. Invest in Promotion

Getting views is not simply a popularity contest. Views and shares determine your influence in your community and among clients.

The business this can create is worth a monetary investment. Are you aware of the systems already in place to help you with this?

Use Facebook Boosting as a Strategy

Once again Facebook has all the necessary tools.

At a minimal cost you can promote some of your posts or your entire page. Facebook boosts your posts onto users’ news feeds that aren’t following you—yet.

You can give guidelines of who should view your posts in terms of:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Gender

The moment your posts are seen by more people you’re likely to obtain additional views on Facebook.

Purchase Facebook Views

You can buy Facebook Views from companies with the right connections. These companies have communities of Facebook users that are ready to view your videos.

Businesses direct their communities to your profile or page’s videos. They won’t all view one video. The shares and views will be directed to various URLs found on your playlists. This will give many of your online video postings a boost.

This is the catalysing event that can snowball into hitting high viewing numbers.

Facebook views are valuable. They determine your impact and your status. You can act to increase your views on Facebook. You’re not at the mercy of fans and users any longer. Start changing your level of influence today.