The Power of Funny Instagram Comments (& How to Leverage It)

In today’s day and age, connection is very important. We’re not referring to an actual “internet connection,” although that is very important, rather being able to connect with your audience. An audience is the people that are watching and absorbing your content. This is vital and absolutely essential, if you want to build an account or a brand or a platform where many people look at your content and engage with it.

Many businesses are now on Instagram. In fact, seventy-one percent of all United States businesses use Instagram. That’s a lot of businesses, and it makes sense because, as of now, there are over eight-hundred million people on Instagram. It’s a big, big market with a lot of people that can be reached. If you are attempting to build a business or brand, or if you already have one and you’d like to grow and expand to attain more customers, then you must consider the platforms that you are using. If you are not using Instagram, then you should think about that, because Instagram is one of the strongest and most popular platforms on the market right now.

Instagram is a platform built on images, which is essentially visual content. This is important for a number of reasons. One of which has to do with the fact that visual content is much easier to consume and engage with. We are more likely to remember content with visuals and we process it faster. In fact, we process it sixty-thousand times faster than text! That’s a massive difference, and since we also remember visual content more than we remember text, Instagram is a platform to strongly consider.

However, you can have the best images and the best content, but there are two other things that you need. Without these two things, you can only go so far, I’m afraid.

Being Successful On Instagram

The first thing you need is sincerity. You need to be sincere and open about what you are putting out there on Instagram. Being sincere can come across in a number of ways. One of the best ways is to simply be funny and have a personality. Most businesses either don’t do this, or when they do, it’s a decision that reeks of overly thought-out marketing and business analytics. Don’t do that. Instead, poke fun at yourself and show that you have a personality, that your business or brand has a personality, and that you aren’t just a robot. This is very important, because in today’s day and age, the rules for engagement and business are changing. People don’t want to buy from some monolithic entity that comes across as some kind of robot. Instead, they want to buy and engage with people that are genuine and sincere. Silly, even.

The second thing you need is connection. You need to connect with the people that are engaging with your content, particularly in the early days of this venture. When someone leaves a comment or asks a question, respond. Even if this person just leaves a silly little comment, make sure to respond with another silly comment. If someone asks a sincere, genuine question, make sure that you respond to them and answer their question. This allows you to create strong connections with the people who are engaging with your content, and that is absolutely essential. We now have the ability to connect with the creators of our favorite things, and many people not only expect that those creators will engage with them as well, but doing so shows sincerity, which is vital when running any sort of social media account.

The Importance Of Funny Instagram Comments

Funny Instagram comments are essential. These can be comments that you’ve made, but they can also be comments that other people have made. And they are important, so very important, because when you write them, it shows humility and sincerity, and it creates a positive mood regarding the content that you are creating. However, when you have those comments on your content - whether this content is for a personal account, brand or business - people will scroll down and they’ll see two things. First, they will notice that people are engaging with your content, leaving comments on your work. Secondly, they will see that these comments are, well, funny! They will read them, and they’ll laugh at them! This creates a good, positive atmosphere when it comes to your content, and it is key to have this mood. In essence, it is endearing, and encourages other people to engage with your content.

Sadly, most people don’t have those comments on their Instagram accounts, at least, not when starting out. This is unfortunate, but we at Social Media Daily have a premium solution to this problem!

Our Instagram Comments Package

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