5 Reasons to Avoid Fake YouTube Subscribers in 2019

The idea to buy YouTube subscribers can be a very effective way to jumpstart your YouTube channel, especially if you are a beginner. However, you don’t want to buy YouTube subscribers (cheapest) indiscriminately. There are subscribers that are real users, and there are fake YouTube subscribers. You want to avoid the latter. We are going to examine five reasons why.

1. They are not real users

Fake YouTube subscribers are not real people. They are a product of a bot, a computer program that does one thing: It pushes the subscribe button. That is it. How far do you think this will get?

The big thing is that YouTube’s algorithm can detect this artificial action. While it could take time, eventually it will not be good news for your channel. Your video can get banned. If you do it again, your channel could get suspended.

Remember, the purpose of creating your channel is to help someone, educate someone or provide content they want. Can you help a fake subscriber? Not at all. Conversely, a fake subscriber can only help you into failure!

However, if you stick with real people when you buy YouTube subscribers, all of the effort you put into your groundwork has a better chance at success. There is no sense in risking all of that for the sake of fake subscribers.

2. They cannot provide feedback

When is the last time you saw a bot provide feedback? It isn’t happening. YouTube watches the activity of your viewers, not your content. If they don’t see activity from these fake “viewers” they can only assume that these are or could be fake.

If that happens, your video could be deleted. If you do it again, your channel will be watched closely. Knowing the consequences of one offense should be enough for you, especially if you are a beginner, to avoid going that route in the first place. It’s not worth it.

Buying real subscribers means that real people will be paid to subscribe to your channel. They can then make comments, which provide you with the valuable feedback you can use to tweak your channel to make sure your content is spot on. And that is the real point of your channel in the first place!

3. They will hurt your business

With no feedback coming in and no real interaction coming from them they will not contribute to any growth on your channel, even if you managed to skate by without YouTube flagging your video.

If you decided to go ahead and use these fake YouTube subscribers, then you must ask yourself, “What am I doing this for?” It is guaranteed to hurt your business sooner or later. Don’t waste all of that time and effort thinking you might make money quicker. It won’t work.

But when you buy YouTube subscribers, real ones, they can actually help jumpstart the activity of your channel. It should be understood that this is not a one-stop marketing solution. It is one weapon in your marketing arsenal – and could be an effective one at that! Real people providing real feedback, giving you real views, and eventually, real results.

In short, fake YouTube subscribers will definitely hurt your business; real subscribers can help it. Stick with what is going to work in the long run.

4. They are a waste of money

Why put your advertising investment toward something that is going to essentially doom your channel to failure? That is not smart business. Real subscribers, on the other hand, are real people paid to subscribe to your channel and view your content.

Think about it. If fake viewers were the answer, then more YouTube channels would be successful. But they aren’t. Can you imagine a grocery store making money with “fake customers”? The idea is ridiculous, and so is trying to build a channel with fake viewers and subscribers.

Buying real YouTube subscribers is not only less expensive; it is cost effective. This is because these subscribers have value. They subscribe to your channel. They view your content, which increases your views. Those that are wowed by your content will stick around. They could even tell their friends – word of mouth advertising! All of this, in turn, adds value to your content and your channel. And while YouTube will surely recognize fake viewers, they can also see what you are doing right!

5. They are a waste of time

It has been emphasized over and over. You put a lot of time and effort – and maybe money – into laying the groundwork for your YouTube channel.

You have chosen your niche, your keyword, created quality content and uploaded it. Now you decide to send fake subscribers to your channel. The bots do their thing and subscribe. You now have “subscribers”!

What is missing?

Your content is getting no views. If you have more subscribers than you have views on your videos, this will also get the attention of YouTube, leading them to believe that your subscribers are fake.

No amount of time with those fake subscribers can change those results. So for that reason alone, it is a waste of your time.

So there you have it. Fake YouTube subscribers are not real users, they cannot provide feedback, they will hurt your business, and they are a waste of time and money. These five reasons should be enough for you to avoid them.

However, there is nothing with turning a negative into a positive. These are also good enough reasons to switch to something that is actually going to help your YouTube channel. If you buy YouTube subscribers, not the fake ones, you will get real people subscribing to your channel, viewing your content, giving you valuable feedback, all of which will contribute to very cost-effective advertising and a channel that could turn out to be a successful and popular one.