Should You Avoid or Buy Fake SoundCloud Plays?

You may have heard of fake views, fake likes, and fake subscribers in relation to internet marketing. It’s a problem that gets YouTube videos deleted, and YouTube accounts suspended or removed.

But just when you think you have heard and seen it all, now we have to deal with fake plays. How can you fake a play? Well, someone has figured it out, and they are making it harder for musicians and authors to market their content honestly.

If you buy SoundCloud plays and picked any provider but us, this is a wakeup call, especially if you are one of those musicians or authors, and plan to remain one. So let’s examine what’s behind these fake plays and how to avoid them.

First of all, here is how a real play transpires: An authentic user, a real person searched SoundCloud and found you, either through related tracks or referred to by friends. Rather than being prompted by a computer program, they decided to click the play button and listen to your uploaded content. That is a real play.

Now on to fake plays. Here is how one site described fake plays: “A fake SoundCloud play…is one that you buy. They come from bots or fake profiles whose only purpose is to provide that service.”

Actually, this is only partly true. Some of the details need clarifying.

The main point we want to focus on here is that you can buy real plays. Not all bought plays are fake. Oh yes, there are definitely “service providers” out there selling fake plays, and people are buying them. But if you want to buy real SoundCloud plays, you need to know that there are providers out there waiting to serve you. You definitely want to avoid the fake SoundCloud plays.

The same site mentioned a moment ago also alleged that people can set up fake profiles and this is how they submit fake views. That may have worked on SoundCloud before, but with the “person verification” in place when you set up your account, it’s highly doubtful that it works anymore.

So now that we have that straightened out, why would anyone want to use fake plays? It might become more evident as we consider three reasons to avoid fake SoundCloud plays.

Lack of feedback

Well, let’s start out talking about something that SoundCloud users will be focusing on. Whatever their craft, users are eager to build up what is called a play count. The bigger this play count is, the more it seems to another real visitor who gets the perception that lots of people are listening to your content.

If that play count is made up of mostly or all fake plays, where are you going to get your feedback from? If you are a musician of substance or a customer-oriented marketer, you no doubt are constantly thinking about putting out songs that people will listen to, whether it’s a song or a helpful piece of content for your email list.

You cannot get feedback from a bot. You cannot get feedback from a fake play.

On the other hand, real plays come from real people, whether you get them organically or you buy them. So even if your real play is counted from one that was bought, it is a real person that could potentially give you feedback. And of course, if their feedback is positive, that person is likely to come back. Try to get a bot to do that!

With feedback, you can also evaluate your song or content, and see what needs to be tweaked. This can lead to content and music that gets better and better. This is what brings people to your content and keeps them coming back.

Jeopardize Your SoundCloud Account

YouTube has in their power the technology to detect fake views, and they developed a policy around it. SoundCloud too has a similar method and policy clearly stated in their terms of service. Here it is, quote word for word:

You must not employ any techniques or make use of any services, automated or otherwise, designed to misrepresent the popularity of Your Content on the Platform, or to misrepresent your activity on the Platform, including without limitation by the use of bots, botnets, scripts, apps, plugins, extensions or other automated means to register accounts, log in, add followers to your account, play Content, follow or unfollow other users, send messages, post comments, or otherwise to act on your behalf, particularly where such activity occurs in a multiple or repetitive fashion. You must not offer or promote the availability of any such techniques or services to any other users of the Platform.”

In short, if you plan to buy SoundCloud plays, spend your money on real plays, not bots. The technology is in place to determine whether views, likes and even plays have been generated by bots. It isn’t a matter of if they will find out if bots are being used on your account; it’s a matter of when. And when it’s found out, your content, even if it is good, could be removed, and your account will sit in peril of being suspended or deleted.

Fake SoundCloud plays are simply not worth it.

Bad Business

No matter what anyone might tell you, if you are trying to sell or monetize anything online, you are conducting business. Take it seriously. Work it honestly.

When you think about it, fake views are centered around dishonesty. They are not real people, so you won’t get any feedback from them. Your channel or account only has the appearance of being legitimate. In business, you never simply want to appear legit; you want to be legit.

Also, people don’t really like to be fooled. If you use fake plays and try to make people think your play count is all from real people, you are lying. Don’t kid yourself into that “white lie” garbage. A lie is a lie. A pattern of lying can lead to a dishonest approach to business.