Fake Instagram Comments and Influencers

Instagram is one of the biggest social networks. As of 2017, Instagram has over eight-hundred million users. This is an enormous user base, and as such, many businesses and brands have put themselves on Instagram to tap into this absolutely gigantic market of potential customers and clients. However, there is another statistic that was recently revealed. Out of all the Instagram posts made daily, only about thirty percent of them are seen. The other seventy percent aren’t viewed. Many businesses and brands that produce content for the platform often find that their content isn’t seen, and it doesn’t get any comments or views. This, of course, leads to a lack of growth on the part of their customer base, which is the entire point of a business or brand taking to Instagram in the first place.

Alongside this trend of brands that take their business to Instagram, there is another growing trend: “Fake Influencers.” These influencers charge a premium price to “help” struggling brands and businesses by promoting them on their Instagram page. The thing is, these influencers are far from being influential. Instead, they are accounts driven by the use of bots - a program with a very specific goal, such as leaving a comment or a “Like” on a video. Since none of these bots are real people who can actually engage with the content in question, these businesses are wasting their time and money on something that will, sadly, provide them with no real value in the long run.

Influencer Marketing, as it is widely known, is a very big industry due to the rise of social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Currently, the Influencer Marketing industry is valued at over one-billion dollars. This is not a small industry, on the contrary, it is an immense commerce with a lot of customers. People place their trust in these influencers to take their struggling brand or business and to turn it into something that people engage with through social media. Unfortunately, there are many tools out there that persuade individuals to buy bots, which aren’t real people, and use these influencers for help, when they really won’t be receiving much of it because Fake Influencers use accounts that no one follows.

Instagram is definitely aware of this problem, but taking action against it is difficult as there are many tools out there that go beyond Instagram’s capabilities. Therefore, Instagram is unable to prevent bots and other tools from manipulating the technology and creating influencer accounts driven by bots.

Here’s the thing about all of this: Instagram comments and subscribers are incredibly important. If you have an account, and you want it to grow or to continue growing, then having comments is crucial. It shows people that other folks are engaging with your work, whatever it may be, and it gives a sense of professionalism and sincerity. In today’s day and age, this is a must. If your work comes across as detached and insincere, then no one will want to have anything to do with it.

No one can deny the value of comments. Those fake bot comments that are posted portray a false sense of value. People see them. Businesses see them. Brands see them. And when they see them, they think, “Well, they obviously have a lot of people that trust this account.” In turn, it means that the brand or business in question is more inclined to trust them, due to the number of comments. Unfortunately, none of those bots are real people.

Growing Your Account

At Social Media Daily, we understand the precarious nature of Influencer Marketing and using social media as a tool for marketing. It’s not easy getting seen in this endless ocean of content and people. Back in the day, it was quite a bit simpler, but now, not so much. Nowadays, it’s trickier, and quite a bit more challenging to be seen or heard in this social media climate.

Before we get into this, let’s define what a “bot” is. A bot isn’t real. It is a program that is built with a single function. They are used all the time in applications made for the web. Business websites use them for customer service, for example, and they are very useful. However, again, a bot isn’t real. It is simply a program that does what it is programmed to do. There isn’t a real person behind it. This model is very flawed, and it is problematic for many reasons. The main reason being the fact that there is no truth behind it.

With Social Media Daily, we have a premium package for you. It is known as the “Instagram Comments Package”. You can buy Instagram comments for cheap here. Our premium package has many different variations. Starting off at the bargain price of $3.90, you can purchase five premium Instagram comments. For up to $69.90, you can purchase two-hundred and fifty high-quality Instagram comments! The best part of it all is, none of these comments are made by bots. Every single commenter is a real person. People that are actually engaging with your content on a level that a bot cannot do.

We don’t believe in lying or being dishonest, which is why Social Media Daily created this wonderful package just for you. In no time at all, you can grow your account, increase comments and likes on your content, and watch as other individuals take note of your business!