Does or Doesn't YouTube Count Your Own Video Views?

So, you have uploaded your video and are dying to get your view count up, but people just are not watching it. You hit on an idea, what if you watch your video over and over again, or constantly hitting the refresh button.

Maybe you could even pay someone to do this for you. In theory, it should work. And, if you go and try it now, you will see that it does work, you can get your view count up quite quickly in this manner.

And, it has its advantages – when your video appears in a YouTube search, the more views it has, the closer to the top it becomes. But how does YouTube count your own views?

YouTube Has Safeguards

Clicking on your own videos is only going to work for a little while. In the early days, this strategy was used a lot, and so YouTube got wise to it. Once your video hits 300 views, a number that YouTube starts to consider significant, safeguards kick in.

At that point, your view count will freeze until someone at YouTube has had a chance to verify the views and whether or not they can be counted as legitimate.

The process that is undertaken is a simple one – a YouTube analyst will find out where all the views come from. If they are all from a group of the same computers, they will be disqualified.

What Do I Do When My Views Freeze?

Just relax, the system will still keep track of any views that happen during this period, and you will still be able to get likes or shares for your video. YouTube, may actually freeze your view count at any stage in the life of your channel if the algorithm picks up what it considers to be fraudulent behavior.

Once the checks have been concluded, and your views have been verified, your count will be adjusted. So, clicking on your own videos, while it may seem to be a good strategy, will end up getting you nowhere in the end.

Once Your Views are Over 300

YouTube considers 300 views to be the tipping point. It is at this point that views have a chance of influencing video placement and so YouTube becomes more vigilant. And, considering that the channel generated $3.5 billion in ad revenue in 2017 (according to Statista), it is not surprising that they want to clamp down on falsely inflated statistics.

At the point, the algorithm that is applied changes and becomes more sophisticated. You will no longer be able to refresh the views or clock on your own videos to inflate the statistics anymore. It also checks for spambot views and malware views and discounts these.

The exact methods that YouTube uses at this point are not publicized for obvious reasons but what is clear is that you need to ensure that you get unique views to start affecting your view count at this point.

Here are some of the things that we do know that YouTube looks out for:

  • Videos that are reloaded over and over again.
  • Views that appear to have their source in some sort of malware.
  • Someone who regularly uses spambots.
  • Cases where the video is always set to auto-play when on a third-party website.
  • Cases where rules have been broken.

So, How Can I Get my Views Up?

For starters, it is quite safe to upload your video and watch it once all the way through. In fact, it is advisable to do so to ensure that everything plays well on the site. From there on out, leave it alone.

Check comments, check statistics but do NOT play your video over and over again. You should have the original file that you updated, so if you want to check something out when it comes to the video, watch that.

Promoting Your Content Through Your Social Media Pages

Do promote your content through your own social media pages. Ask people watching to like and share the content, and to consider subscribing. Get your family and friends, at the very least, to share your social media posts.

The more likes and shares you get on social media, the more relevant the post is viewed as and the more people will get to see the video. This helps you improve the number of views organically.

Promoting Your Content on Community Pages

Check for community social media pages that are relevant to the topic of your videos. Say, for example, that you make videos on how to make natural beauty products. Look for a site that is about herbal remedies or something similar and share your content on there.

Do check what the rules are for the site before you do try this, though.

Consider Buying YouTube Views

You might also want to buy YouTube video views as part of your marketing strategy. While this is not a long-term solution, you can use these bought views to bulk up numbers quickly and easily.

Upload New Videos Regularly

One area where a lot of people go wrong on YouTube is that they are all motivated to start out with, but lose interest when they do not get the kind of views that they want.

They might post sporadically here and there, but this kind of channel never achieves YouTube stardom.

Commit yourself for the long haul. Set up a schedule of say posting one video a week for the next two months and then create at least two or three videos in advance. Then follow through with the posting of the others on a weekly basis.

This is one of the best tips that I can give when it comes to improving the number of views that you get overall – if you are regularly posting new content, your channel starts to be viewed by YouTube as more valuable.

So, if it comes down to a choice between your channel and someone who has posted only once in two months, your channel will get the top spot in the search results. This, in turn, leads to more views.

Overall, you don't need to overinflate your YouTube statistics by clicking on your own videos, and it is not going to count for anything if you do. We have gone through some much better ways to get your YouTube stats ticking over.