Do Celebrities Buy Instagram Followers & Does It Work Out For Them?

Fame-hungry Instagram users like to increase the number of followers on their profile. But, it is not only them who buy cheap Instagram followers at Social Media Daily to create social proof others will follow. Celebrities also enjoy bragging about the follower count size on their profile, and many have been accused of purchasing fake followers to make this happen.

According to New York Times, ‘’celebrities, athletes, pundits, and politicians have millions of fake followers’’. This report lists a grand number of celebrities whose Instagram profile is filled with purchased followers, either because they choose to do so, or someone did it without their consent.

Who Buys Followers on Instagram?

Even though many judges such actions, buying followers online has become a huge trend in the Instagram community. Some exaggerate by purchasing too many followers at once, and even get suspended by the Instagram employees. But, there are also those who build a successful business as influencers or promoted their brand with the help of reliable companies that sell followers.

And finally, there are your favorite celebrities who want to brag about the biggest numbers of followers on this social media platform. Who knew that stars would shell out to get a bigger number of ‘’followers’’?

Celebrities Who Bought Instagram Followers

Some of the celebrities accused of buying Instagram followers are an unexpected surprise, but the truth is, everyone wants to be popular on social media. You would probably not believe that someone as popular as Kim Kardashian would pay to get a million followers for her Instagram profile, but this seems to be the truth.

And Oprah? Would you believe that Oprah purchased extra followers for her social media appearance? Here is a list of some of the celebrities that chose to buy followers for their Instagram account:

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is extremely popular and considered a celebrity who does not hide her private life from her fans. Her Instagram account has over seventy million followers, just waiting to see and like and comment her next selfie.

However, back in 2014, Kardashian instantly lost over one million followers when Instagram decided to purge the fake accounts on the platform.

Donald Trump

Yes, indeed – President Donald Trump has been accused of purchasing a certain amount of followers for his Twitter and Instagram accounts. According to, only half of the followers on the President’s accounts are real, and more than 15 million of them are fake accounts purchased online.


Known as @badgalriri on the Instagram platform, Rihanna also suffered a big downfall with her fans because of her decision to purchase Instagram followers. At one point, her unaccepted behaviors on Instagram got her account deleted. Fortunately, she is now back on Instagram, with almost forty million followers.

People still doubt that these are all real, since back in 2014 when Instagram deleted all those accounts, Riri lost over one million followers overnight.

Barack Obama

Presidents seem to follow this trend – Barack Obama was also mentioned as a celebrity who buys his followers on the Web. The most disappointing part about this is that he is the person running his own social media channels, and Twitter still says that over 50% of his followers on social media are fake.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry was audited by back in 2013 when they discovered that almost half of her followers were fake, and over 40% were inactive.

Talk about a mega-embarrassing situation!

Justin Bieber

Bieber has been a controversial celebrity since the very beginning. He started as a teen idol and skipped to a douchey teenager, only to later become a widely recognized and loved pop icon.

In addition to all these changes, Justin also became known as a troubled teen, with turbulent social media followings. At the same time that Instagram cleaned house and uncovered the truth about celebrities who bought their followers, Bieber lost over three and a half million followers overnight.


Apparently, Akon was not very popular on the social media, even though it seemed that way. With over six million followers on his Instagram account, he seemed to have many fans looking at his posts and photos. But, when Instagram deleted the fake accounts on the platform, he lost over 55% of all followers, leaving him with a disappointing number of 2 million followers!

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah lost over 11 million followers on her social media accounts back in 2014. This makes for over half of the total number of followers she has. And we are literally talking about our world’s most inspiring diva!


We did believe that all those followers on Shakira’s profile are real because after all, why would Shakira need to buy her way into fame? The most popular Latina pop star had over 17.9 million followers on Twitter until 2012, when Instagram revealed that only 21% of them were real.

As if this wasn’t embarrassing enough, Shakira lost almost 150 thousand followers on Instagram in 2014. We do hope this finally taught her the lesson.

Kathy Ireland

When the swimsuit model and employee at Sterling/Winters was caught for purchasing fake followers online, the company wasn’t very happy about it. She was suspended for increasing the numbers from 150 thousand to over one million followers in one year.

It seems like the attractive offers such companies make do are unable to resist, even for those who already have the fame many are striving to achieve. This is not strange – expanding the numbers on social media is very important for the social picture of a person. So, it is no wonder that some of the biggest celebrities worldwide decided to give their social media accounts a little push. After all, this is not illegal and is very inexpensive to purchase.

Of course, it does come with a variety of risks, especially for celebrities. But, we are guessing these celebrities decided that buying followers were worth the risk, since the list contains some people who would never come to mind when you started reading this article.