4 Underrated Tools for Boosting SoundCloud Plays

Musicians of all levels are eager to get their songs heard. Marketers are also recognizing the value of converting their written content into audio sound bites. Either way, it is still a challenge to get them in front of potential listeners.

SoundCloud has become THE place for publishing audio for both musicians and marketers alike. It is becoming just as easy to find something unique as it is to upload unique content. Using it alone will potentially help you get your content heard. However, it may be good to consider this list of really cool tools that are very compatible with SoundCloud for boosting SoundCloud plays.

1. Social Media Daily

Social Media Daily is basically a social media marketing company that drives thousands of people to your Twitter, YouTube, or SoundCloud accounts, something called influencer marketing. Anyone looking to rise in popularity can get it done with their streamlined approach combined with their SoundCloud plays.

This means that whatever level you are at musically or just getting your feet wet in marketing, you’re bound to get a ton of fans, and these folks have been at it for nearly 10 years. Well, if it works for already established stars and politicians, why wouldn’t it work for anyone else?

2. Hypeddit

If you’re looking to make your tracks more visible to potential listeners, then Hypeddit is the platform to do it, which it is specifically designed for.

Here again, it’s about social proof. If you have had several legit plays, with your popularity increasing legitimately as well, then people who find you have the perception that they could be missing out on something. Hypeddit has several tools to assist the musician or audio publisher to increase the social proof of your tracks and make them more visible to possible fans and followers.

Hypeddit has something called “fan gating”. An artist or marketer can upload exclusive content that is accessed only by those listeners who become followers on SoundCloud. Creating fan gates is super easy too, and works well with apps like Dropbox or Megaupload for sharing your files.

So if you bought SoundCloud plays here, Hypeddit could be a very effective promotional tool for your songs or content to get you one step closer to fame.

3. Click DJ

Click DJ is a track promotion platform that lets you manage social media promotions through just one account.

Click DJ has a feature called Followers Sync. It allows you increase followers across all your social media accounts from within the site. So if they follow you on Click DJ, they are also following you on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever social media platform that you have connected. Also, if someone downloads your tracks, they will be invited to connect with you on those same social media accounts.

Download pages creation is another powerful feature that helps you get your tracks more visibility. Click DJ lets you package links into neat-looking web pages that will draw more of your fans’ attention.

4. Landr

The quality of your tracks is also something you want to pay attention to. Of course, we’re not talking about the quality of your content. We’re talking about sound quality. Landr helps you master your SoundCloud tracks so their quality will be better. As a cloud-based software, it analyzes your tracks, and through its available set of tools, you can “remaster” them. With improved quality in your tracks, you’re giving your listeners a better listening experience. If your listeners are giving you feedback on this, others are bound to notice. People who frequently listen to audio notice good quality. 

Landr has another feature that will intrigue you. It’s called “genre detection”. It’s designed to find specific musical components, which it then uses to classify your track. From there, the software masters the track according to the conventions of the genre that it was classified into.

A lot of people don’t care much for “labeling” their music into a specific genre. However, this function could be highly useful in your marketing efforts. The word “genre” implies a specific audience. Naturally, you are looking to reach a certain audience. That audience will essentially become your fans, your market. They are the people you will be working to provide more content. Give them what they want, and your following is going to solid and long-lasting.

If you’re on a budget, and your collection of finished tracks is small, then you might want to start out with a free account, which you can start using immediately. But if you have a lot of tracks ready, a paid account upgrade may well be worth your while.

So not only can you remaster your tracks for better quality, you can also have your tracks classified or labeled to reach a certain audience. Drawing a specific audience to your high-quality tracks will give a really good first impression, as well as provide a solid basis for a strong group of followers.

Though this is a partial list of tools, you can see the potential for success even if you buy SoundCloud plays. Of course, you should make sure you buy real ones, not the fake ones generated by bots. Achieve your success honestly.