Successful Video Marketing through Instagram Views

When the video function was introduced on Instagram, five million videos were uploaded within the first 24 hours. Even if photos continue to make up a majority of the more than 95 million daily uploads (as of autumn 2016), the moving image is booming. Effective video marketing can make the difference between videos that are seen and videos that are overlooked. More views suggest added value. But what makes the purchase of instagram views so effective?
Video Views as the Simplest User Feedback
Even without interacting in the form of likes or comments, you can make the popularity of your videos visible through the Instagram View Count. Similar to video portals, views are the simplest form of feedback, and they are also the key success factor: the higher the count, the more interesting and relevant the content. What is often seen must also be worth seeing; that’s the idea. Whether consciously or subconsciously, people are influenced by the trends and opinions of their fellow human beings.
Infograph with the advantages of buying Instagram views
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Video Views as the First Step toward Interaction
Video views are the first form of feedback from curious users. If users are interested, the probability of interaction increases. Views not only generate attention, but they also increase others’ willingness to consume and react in the form of video views, as well as likes or comments. What is important is that the awakened expectation be fulfilled or, ideally, exceeded.
Commitment and Relevance Are Key to the Instagram Algorithm
Like almost every social media platform, Instagram lives by interaction. View time and user activity are comparatively high in the visual network. With videos, you can enhance them. The decisive factor is visibility. Keyword: Instagram algorithm. Since the sorting in the newsfeed does not take place chronologically but according to relevance, commitment is a decisive factor. The higher the popularity of a post, the greater the perceived relevance, and the more relevant a contribution, the higher the coverage. Also in the "Explore" section, the selection is based on the interests and interactions of the users.
Conclusion: The Advantage of More Traction
Be it photos or moving images, time often passes before content reaches a certain momentum. By purchasing Instagram Views, you and your content gain a considerable lead over competitors. Why? Video views suggest popularity and encourage interaction. More coverage for your videos also means more organic views and commitment within a short space of time. And, we can help you!
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