Buying Google Plus followers – The advantages at a glance

Google Plus has become increasingly more important within the world of social networks and beyond. Many companies have already recognized this and use the platform to promote their services and products. The biggest advantage is probably Google Plus’s practically independent distribution of content through other users. However, this only occurs when a page has many followers and the posts have a broad reach. In order to accelerate the growth of new subscribers, it makes sense to buy Google Plus followers. But does this option offer even more advantages?
Buying Google Plus followers...
Infograph with the advantages of buying Google Plus followers
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… creates trust
If a user visits your Google Plus page for the first time, he will often immediately pay attention to the number of followers. If there are already many subscribers, the company or its social media presence immediately appears trustworthier. The user is more likely to subscribe to your page, and in doing, he so draws his own subscribers’ attention to your Google Plus page.
… increases organic growth
The more followers there are, the easier it will be to gain new followers in an organic way, because every new subscriber increases the attention you receive on Google Plus. This is due to the direct and indirect interaction of followers. Therefore, over time, the distribution of offers or new products takes on its own dynamic and, in turn, attracts new subscribers.
… can improve your Google ranking
The majority of traffic for search queries comes through Google. In order to get a better position in the search engine results, many operators optimize their pages. Although Google plays its cards close to its chest in regards to its algorithm, we can assume that so-called “social signals”, which also include Google Plus followers, are considered a ranking factor. Therefore, if the number of subscribers increases, you can expect that this will have an impact on your position in Google’s results. There are, however, no guidelines as to how many subscribers are necessary for visible successes. That depends mostly on the competition and your product niche. The content of your page and how often it is published are also important. If a profile remains inactive for a long time, Google will classify it as irrelevant despite a large number of subscribers.
… reduces the effort
Buying Google Plus followers is easy and can lead to fast results. Traditional advertising efforts are more complex, more time-consuming, and not always or only partially successful. If you would rather spend your time doing other things, buying Google Plus subscribers is a good decision.
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