4 good reasons to buy Twitter followers

300 million active users. 500 million short messages – so called tweets – per day. Twitter is one of the most successful social networks of our time. The aim: reach as many followers as possible with your own tweets. We made a list of why that is rather difficult at the beginning and how buying followers can help you with that.
1. No social network without followers
Social networks should be fun, connect people, and encourage communication. This not only requires entertaining and informative content. You also need as many subscribers for your own channel – so-called “followers” – as possible! After all, what good are regular tweets if no one is reading them? As it is particularly troublesome to gain new followers in the beginning, buying Twitter followers can be a meaningful investment.
2. Existing followers attract new ones
Research has shown that customers prefer visiting restaurants that are already occupied by other guests. Social networks operate in a similar way. If a profile already has many followers, it appears more reliable and tweets are more likely to be retweeted, liked, or commented on. The activities of followers in turn appear in the news feed of their subscribers, and the famous snowball effect takes place. Users who only have a few followers are searched for and found less often. Targeted promotional activities can help establish a foundation, but this usually costs a lot of time and money. Buying Twitter followers is easier. It not only saves time and trouble, it also paves the way for more organic growth right from the start.
Infograph with reasons for buying Twitter followers
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3. Many followers increase credibility and reach
Be honest: How authentic and relevant do you consider a tweet if the user has no followers? The fact is that even the best tweet is ignored if it is from an unknown profile. If there are, however, a few followers, readiness to interact with the tweet increases as well. The message then spreads like wildfire and, thus, achieves a much larger reach. Buying Twitter followers can, therefore, help improve your reputation within the Twitter community, increase your market value, and extend the reach of your posts.
4. More followers improve your Google ranking
The number of followers is also important outside of Twitter. Search engines like Google are dedicated to finding the most relevant content. If a Twitter account has many followers and retweets, Google classifies its content as interesting, and the profile ranks higher in the search. Therefore, buying Twitter followers improves your chances of being found by search engines and also helps you reach further potential supporters. Moreover, if you want to be considered a potential advertising partner for larger companies, a solid number of followers is vital.
Buying Twitter followers pay off
If you expand your number of Twitter followers with a purchase, you are investing in the future in a clever way. More followers increase your credibility, provide greater reach, and positively affect search engine results. Last but not least, bought followers boost the organic growth of your profile and make it look more active.
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